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Moulded or turned timber staircase posts are available in pine or maple in 90 x 90 mm size.
Square stair posts are available in pine, maple and a variety of hardwoods in 90 x 90 mm size.
Pine staircase posts are also available in 112 x 112 mm and 135 x 135 mm sizes.
All square staircase posts and the bevel post can also have a pyramid or scallop post cap of choice.
Panelled and special panelled staircase posts are available in pine only in 90 x 90 mm, 112 x 112mm and 135 x 135 mm sizes and come with a pyramid or scallop cap of choice.

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Bevel Stair Post

Californian Stair Post

Colonial Stair Post

Mediterranean Stair Post

Regent Stair Post

Straightline Stair Post

Pannelled Stair Post

Special Panelled Stair Post

Provincial Stair Post

Square Stair Post

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