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Grand Stair Trends in 2019

The stairs are traditionally required to be easy and secure when going from one level to next; provide the people functionality and make the interior design remarkable. The stairs must be sturdy and high-quality because of its primary purpose to safely transport the people from one place to another. It’s about durability and designs that suitable to buyers’ tastes. The complex types of stairs are kind of like old-fashioned but however depends on the need.


In this article, we are going to focus on wonderful stairs that are suitable for homeowners after for minimalist designs.


These are stairs you might consider. 


Lush carpet stair

This instantly adds texture and pleasant warmth to an elegant interior. The waterfall is considered to represent an expedited method for installing carpet on the stairs.

Bohemian Staircase with printed carpets

An excellent vintage and glamour look from the 1920s. Lavish carpet stairs that still stunning for modern interiors.

Staircase Carpet Runners Advantage:

  • Reduce the risk of slips and possible injury for kids and elders. 
  • Give the joints and feets additional support and comfort.
  • Reduce the noise compare to lone wood, as it generally creaks over time upon the pressure of the feet.



  • It typically depends on the quality of the lush carpet you ideally want to install. The better or has complex design the more expensive it will be.
  • Carpet is uneasy to clean especially in high spaces. It requires precisely frequent spot removal, vacuuming, and deep cleaning to properly maintain nicely looking and clean carpet.
  • It will surely fatally damage the wood as it requires the use of adhesives, staplers, and wires to secure that the carpet is thoroughly attached to the wood.


Saving Space Staircase

Break the rules and create space-saving and applicable staircases to condominiums and apartments. Lessens complexity and compact type of stairs

Space Saving Folding Stairs


  • Optimize floor space.
  • If the stair is foldable, It is safe specifically for children when they run.
  • If the stairs have drawers underneath, you may instantly put whichever fascinating stuff you need to put under this splendid staircase. Either decent clothes, sensible shoes, delicious chocolates, and valuable books.



  • This type of stairs is not as ideal as the main stairs but only suitable to access a single room like an attic.
  • Steeper compared to the standard type of stairs. Homeowners need to be diligent when stepping each tread to prevent the risk of falling.


LED Stair Lights

Ideal to highlight the stairs, advanced and next level. You may instill which color you require.


  • Well-lit stairs increase safety. During the night or the stair is located in the dimmed area, it properly guides a person to go downstairs and upstairs whilst highlighting each tread.
  • Cost-effective and Eco-friendly. Through the utilization of LED lighting, it can reduce power consumption.
  • Presentable and appealing to the eyes



  • Hinder the use of outdated lights as they are prone to the heat, flickering, radiation, ballast failures and buzzing.
  • More troubling issues like toxic mercury from broken tubes.


Modern and Rustic Stairs

A design idea for homeowners that aim for classic elegance and royalty. The impressive combination of wood and metal painted in black. 


  • Since the staircase railings are made of metal, it requires minimal maintenance.
  • Extremely durable and will typically last for years.
  • Versatility.
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly.



  • Over time, rust remains the most widespread concern in the metal world. It infects the inner section of the material. Few of railing manufacturers that do not galvanize their product. Galvanized steel has a protective zinc coating to help prevent it from rusting.
  • Slippery if the shoes gain no traction and increase the risk of falling down.


Key Takeaway

Aside from the stairs’ main purpose, to deliver the person from one place to another and adds value to the homes, climbing stairs is good for the health. 

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Enhanced cardiovascular fitness.
  • Fight stress and aid sleep.
  • Robust musculoskeletal system: Tones thighs and progressively improve muscle tone
  • Increase good cholesterol.
  • Promote weight loss.


Carefully choose stairs that appropriate to your needs, if you are overwhelmed to stairs ideas contact us for practical advice and precise details.