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What Is The Trending Staircase Today?

Staircases are installed in one’s home if you put a second floor or two-storey house in short. The staircase timber comes from “British” which means a set of stairs that made up with walls or structures. There are different types of sydney timber stairs in our universe such as Library Ladder, L Shaped Stair, Straight Stair with a central landing, Spiral Stairs, Curved Staircase and many more. We encourage to visit this company The Stair Factory they have all you need and desired stairs to your home. Doubting to contact them? I am sure you will regret your decision. 

As a consumer, we need the best and good quality stairs that will produce us a hundred per cent satisfaction. Listed below is the most trending staircase in today’s generation. 

  • Linear Metal Panels

For homeowners seeking modern style on the staircase in the market always consider linear metal panels. It is also known as “the easy to install staircase” all you need is a few screw holes drilled and you are ready to install the linear metal panels, easy as that.

  • Box Newels

The box newels are one of the biggest trends stairways for the past years. It is historically considered as “anchor” of the stairs. Working a box newels on your home sustains a unique impact it is because of the arts and minimalistic style of it. 

  • Iron Balusters

There are many types of iron balusters that can be perfectly suited to your home. Baluster, which also acknowledges as long “rod” and becomes the most popular stairways in affordable price. Either you install the old iron baluster or the modern look baluster it consistently appealing to every guest to your home occasion. 

  • Grand Staircase

In the word “grand” imagine a luxury stairway in a five-star hotel in that would represent the perfect example of a grand staircase. If you look for classy stairways, a grand staircase will be ideal for you. 

  • Stainless Steel Cable and Tube

It is most trendy for condos settings. This is combined with black metal or wooden newels that would create a natural ambience.

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